How to build effective management of business processes in the bank

The working process is a complex of operations on production or rendering services. For example, in bank there are the next business processes:

● Obtaining the application from the client through a call or on the site.
● Processing of the application by the operator.
● Communication with the central office.
● Servicerendering.

How to make more effective working process? You need to implement business process management. And choose the right BPM in bank There are the lot of options, the simplest – automation. Having replaced the accountant scores with the calculator,it is already possible to accelerate his work (and consequently working process) several times. In our case with the bank increase in efficiency of the working process is possible to reach, having passed to more perfect mobile communication or more high-speed system infrastructure.

As for business processes, it absolutely another concept. It concerns not the employee and the operations performed by him, but to the processes proceeding in the company.
Example of modernization of the business process
Once again – on an example that it was more clear.

Working process of consideration of a vacancy in the bank:

● The manager posts vacancies on the website and communicates with applicants by phone.
● Then he holds with them personal meetings.
● At the central office of the company, the employee accepts the summary and documents from applicants.
● The branch director, where there is a vacancy, conducts a final interview with the employee.

As we see, the working process describes, which of employees what operations perform.

The business process considers the same situation from the point of view of any company, and it looks so:

● The company looks for the employee.
● Applicants are attracted through third-party advertising platforms.
● The manager makes preliminary elimination of improper applicants.
● Perspective communicates with the branch director.
● The company considers their documents.

Effective management of business processes is inseparable from a concept of bottlenecks, what are those stages at which there are problems or which are too resource-intensive for the company. In this example such places are the excess number of interviews: for the elimination of obviously improper applicants, the personal meeting gives the excessive load of the manager.

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