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Rise up your hands to those who have Wi-Fi at home. And those who think about installing it? Undoubtedly, the broadband Internet has a clear speed advantage over the wireless network. However, Wi-Fi saves us from cluttering the apartment with wires and gives freedom of movement, which affects the speed of data transmission and the quality of signal reception. Meanwhile, it is enough to adhere to some simple rules in order to avoid such problems.

  1. Use the latest technology

In most cases, in order to achieve an increase in the coverage area and increase the speed, it is enough just to replace the router and the network card in your computer. The most important thing here is that you should know that A, B, G are already outdated and slow standards. To date, the standard is already N (IEEE 802.11n). Make sure that your router and network card support it. Otherwise, there will be no gain in speed. However, if you create a network from scratch, then it will be rather problematic to find obsolete equipment on store shelves. You can have the reliable singapore home improvement now for you.

  1. Find the best place to host a router

It is best that there are no walls between the router and the computer. In addition, if there is such an opportunity, it is best to place it in the very center of the room so that all rooms are covered more or less evenly. To track the level of the signal does not require any special equipment – the usual smartphone is enough.

  1. Get rid of interference from other equipment

It is proved that all kinds of household appliances and electronics can interfere with the passage of a Wi-Fi signal. That is, it is undesirable to have on its way a signal refrigerator, microwave or TV. Either rearrange themselves, or the router.

  1. Aim the signal

You can try to direct the signal in the desired direction, using a piece of tin. For example, a cut beer can, placed on the antenna or located behind the router, as in the figure. However, do not expect that using such a technique will allow achieving a significant increase in the range of work. However, with it you can get the very few tens of centimeters that you did not have to use in order to use the network while sitting in your favorite place.

  1. Use “repeaters”

If none of the above methods has helped, then you will have to use a “repeater” (repeater) – the so-called network equipment designed to increase the distance of the network connection. To do this, they repeat the electrical signal “one-on-one”. They are also called “killers of the dead zones”. The cost of such devices is not too high, besides, in the role of a repeater you can try using your old router.

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