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Once you have come across exactly this text, you know the dynamic world of SEO optimization and you understand that you should always be up to date in the way you use this service to your advantage. In our opinion, 2016 has earned its attention with a brand new approach to the different categories in which SEO is realized for your Internet marketing. On the background of the dynamic year, 9 sectors were identified, which are keys in SEO optimization.

The architectural foundations of the site for a more secure user deployment

You would not allow a site that is not built according to the current requirements for content clarity. Put the title and theme in front of users’ eyes and do not shoot them directly with ads. Make the site suitable for mobile, arrange the content hierarchically, and get the right speed in the site. Google monitors more and reports unused site locations. Analyze and rearrange. The Best SEO Companies are very particular about these works now.

Keywords – Choice and overview

Surely this term is tired of you, but for successful SEO, the right selection, the choice of keywords and the use of Google’s layout are the exact steps. A keyword must cover a whole page of your site. Do not quench and steal by keyword, two of the competition – through Google Toolkit. Make a permanent overview of new and necessary words.


Keyword or phrase in the title, this is the secret – and no superfluous stop particles of speech.

Meta description

Any phrase in the small text you represent can unlock the mechanism for more interest in the site. So keep on using the keys properly.

Content (Content)

Here we can get as many words as possible about what you should do for quality SEO optimization. Content is the taste without which nothing can happen. Use keywords right from the beginning, repeat them in natural rhythm. Be creative and use the richness of language through LSI keywords. Do not forget videos, photos, animations, be interesting not only for your customers. Have internal links and link building to the most authoritative sites on the subject. Update the content. The quality will bring you to unprecedented heights. Communicate with others like you to exchange more information. Be content to your bones brain and use the Google tools for better content.

Google Webmaster Tool

Use Google as the last and last check for errors, for analysis of demand-related parameters, with impressions, with real interest; to map the site so you can check every corner of your site

Google Analytics. It cannot without analysis and statistics of the marketing campaign. This is the easiest and quickest way to respond to the dynamics of processes affecting your niche and your site.

Social networks

They are for dessert. They are not so important to the final ranking, but they provide visibility to your products / goods / services, respectively a website. Let social media buttons hang out in visible places for easy and fast sharing. Through them, you show the face of your business, which increases confidence among potential users.

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